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Greetings, fellow Internet traveller, and welcome to my DeviantArt page - the home of all sorts of hopefully good art worth your time. My name is Philip but I prefer just being called Phil or RGB, whichever you prefer, I don't mind both. I've drawn and done art all my life but I didn't realise I had actual potential 'till I was about 7 or 8. Since then I have worked hard and invested plenty of time into drawing and improving into the artist I am today. Most of my art as you might notice is Sonic related. This is simply because Sonic is one of my favourite childhood heroes and although his games haven't been the best recently I still love going back to his older titles (and even some modern ones) and having a blast.

Even though I love Sonic, don't be fooled into thinking that that is the only thing I draw here. I do pieces for other games I love as well, although not nearly as often because my watchers love Sonic stuffz so I stick to that primarily. I also upload non game related pieces but they are usually pretty rare and personal stuff.

I also happen to be an up-and-coming game developer, although I have not done any serious work so far(working on it ^^'). This explains the various pieces of art you might see related to my game projects(usually graphics or concept pieces).

So yeah, that is mostly my art in a nutshell - a little bit of everything in differing amounts. So if you like Sonic, or are into gaming as well, make sure you give me a watch and become a member of the RGB community today!


The Sticker Series:
My main series from 2013 to today. These are single character images, done in a almost chibi style of cuteness that resemble stickers, hense the name. This series dominates my gallery but that is soon to change as I plan on introducing a new series soon to replace it. You will still get stickers, but not as often.

Sonic: The Cure For Mobius:
A Sonic fan game project of mine that I have had going for years. It is not dead, even though I have not given you any news about it for a pretty long time. The project uses a custom-made(by me) engine called The Pixels Engine. Said engine has gone through several re-wirtes already and I am currently working on the final version.

As far as the game itself goes, it is in style like Sonic 3 & Knuckles but more packed with content. It will feature 6 zones with 2 acts and a boss, as well as 2 side missions one for the Chaos Emeralds and the other for permanent power-ups for Sonic(think of them as upgrades). Each of the zones is original and not only that, each of the two acts is set in a different area of the stage, basically making it feel like a totally new level in its own right. The game will use the classic level design model, but focus more on exploring. It will also bring in a lot of classic elements, expand on them and take a few modern influences as well. I'd rather not spoil too much for you guys, just be on the look out for more news in the future.

A Doggy In Time:
A Doggy In Time is my main current game project. It is a action platformer inspired by Sonic, Mario, Mega Man and the other greats of yesteryear. It centers on the main protagonist - The Doggy (and his dog village) being flung through time by an evil cat overlord invasion. This leaves all of the dogs in your village frozen and it is now your job to go through the different time periods(worlds by any other name) to save them and defeat evil. Each world presents a new playstyle as you get to play with that period's Doggy, and after completing said world you get to freely switch to that world's Doggy at any time. The game has no release dat as it is VERY early in development, but it is being made for the PC. Anyadditional questions you may have are always welcome ;a;


I don't do requests, sorry. I am a busy guy and get enough pressure focusing on my personal life and projects. Hopefully you get me.

I may do trades. It all depends on the person asking(do I know them, do I like their art, are they reliable etc.) and whether I have the time to at that moment. Ask me and we'll see.

I am meh about collabs. I have no experience with them and no real interest but again depends on who's asking, so hit me up for details.

I don't do commissions ATM, but that might change sometime so keep an eye out.

Gifts are for mates only. I don't do random gifts for random people. Sorry ^^'

Kiribans are closed ATM. Keep and eye out if I open them in the future ;-)

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